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Large crepe paper bows

of 19 Shaping Petals To cup a petal, pinch it between thumbs and forefingers, thumbs near edges and fingers at center. Practice so the strip doesn't slip, or cut large crepe paper bows it into shorter lengths and attach in stages. To curl a petal, roll it around a pencil. Starting near their bases, curl inner layers of petals tightly inward, several at once. Elongated: Fold each leaf in half lengthwise, then pleat its base by pinching. Watch Queue, queue _count total loading. Then shape the petals, and attach them to the stamen with floral tape. Please try again later. Cup petals at a point just below middle; curl upper edge outward. Get the Carnation Petal Template 12 of 19 Dahlia Use 32 inches of petals (get large crepe paper bows the template below) and a fringe stamen. Attach all strips, off-white in center, to end of wire with floral tape. Get the Dahlia Petal Template 13 of 19 Daisy Use 18 inches of petals (get the template below a button stamen, and two notched leaves. First make the stamen and cut petal strips and leaves. (Rose) Standard: Pleat the base of each of these leaves before attaching them. 8 of 19 Attaching Petals To attach petals to stamen, stretch floral tape slightly, then wrap it twice around stamen. To display, cut 2-inch slits into felt draped over table; slip one side of each base into a slit. 3 of 19, tulip, use 6 petals (get the template below a fringe stamen, and two elongated leaves. About 1 inch below that, bend wire out 90 degrees, then into a circular base. They also offer several practical advantages over their natural cousins - they are far more durable and won't wilt or droop. Attach these leaves on the stem a few inches below the base of the flower by wrapping floral tape around the base. Tightly pleat bottom edge of one strip, then wrap it firmly around itself, keeping bottom edge aligned. Crafting with Buttons Ribbons - Buttons and ribbon make great bling for a wide array of fashions and home accessories! Get the Rose Petal Template 7 of 19, shaping Petals, petals are shaped first, then attached to the stamen individually. Roll paper tightly around end of wire. Repeat with other strips. To construct one of these flowers, first make the appropriate stamen from crepe paper and floral wire and cut the necessary number of petals and leaves from crepe paper.

Large crepe paper bows, Knights of pen and paper gold glitch

Place thumbnailsize wad of cotton in center. Shape petals to cup outward at widest point. Push end of wire into cotton. Raise each subsequent ring of petals slightly. Overlapping petals, fringe, placing end a little low on stamen and pleating bottom edge as you wrap. Slide them between your thumb and a pencil. The base of the strip may need to be pleated as you. Gradually bringing strip higher on stamen. Cut a 6by2inch piece of crepe paper. And paper press folds in place, this will cup it inward into a concave shape.

20 crepe paper tutorials at U Create.I love the many things you can do with inexpensive crepe paper!

And secure with floral tape, wrapping tape across base of each as you add. Pull petals outward to create a dome. Spider mum, cut three 1inch thilmany squares of crepe paper. Start with a 2by5inch strip of crepe paper. Fun Crafts by, triple Button, roll three of them at the widest point to curve strongly inward. Add petals, dahlia 17 of 19 Shaping and Attaching Leaves Clockwise from top left. Lily Get the Templates 18 of 19 Garland Use continuouspetal flowers made without a stamen roll the strip tightly around itself. Tulip, curl outer petals less tightly, curl tips of petals inward.

Rating is available when the video has been rented.Attach leaves near base of stem with tape.Once petals are added, wrap tape around twice more, then wrap down along stem to anchor and to attach leaves.