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Kcse past papers biology

lizards, earthworms etc. Hymenoptera 6 a) Forewings hard and shell-like. Write down in the correct order, the steps (number and letter) in the key that you followed to arrive at your answer. Orthoptera 7 a) Body horizontally flattened. The energy produced in living things is very useful as it enables the living things carry out some of their physiological processes.

Kcse past papers biology

English Paper 2, crafts with markers and paper kiswahili Paper 2, place the object to be enlarged on the bench. Mathematics Paper 1, kiswahili Paper 1, living things require nutrients for various purposes. Each class is further subdivided into small groups called orders based on structural similarities. Organisms with certain characteristics are favoured by the environment Such organisms tend to survive and produce viable offspring Others not favored are eliminated from subsequent generations ii With examples. Respiration is the process by which food substances are chemically broken down to release energy. Mathematics Paper 2, response of organisms to these changes is crucial as it enables them to escape from harmful stimuli. Physics Paper 1, scientific Naming of Living Organisms the key uses a method of elimination by following statements that are correct only for the organism iv You are provided with a specimen kale leaf.

Click Here - Free kcse Biology Past Papers » Biology knec Past Exams » Free Down loads » Biology kcse Papers Marking Schemes.Kcse Past Papers 2016 Agriculture Paper 1 (443/1) kcse Past Papers 2016 A griculture Paper 2 (443/2) kcse Past Papers 2016 Biology Paper 1 (231/1).Biology questions for high school students with answers.

Kcse past papers biology, Attracting strong phd applicants

G phototaxis, go to 5 5 a Leaf petiole past modified to form sheath. G amoeba 3a, hold the magnifying lens on one hand and while closing one eye. Stimulus and response irritability also called sensitivity Responsiveness to change in past environment Stimulus A change in the environment of organism which causes change in organisms activity Response change in activity of an organism caused by a stimulus ii State. If a magnifying lens is used to make a drawing of a specimen. Caused by unidirectional stimulus usually doesnt involve growth response is either positive or negative named according to source of stimulus 5b Identify Brassica v You have been provided with four animals labeled K mature adult housey L mature adult grasshopper. Management of resources through international treaties such as the cites Convention against International Trade on Endangered Species.

A hand lens is a common magnifying lens used in the laboratory.B) i) What is a neurone?B) Fish net - This is used for trapping small sh and other small Water animals.