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of the staple pierce through the paper and wrap in, like an icy death grip, daring anyone to try to take the paper apart. And once youve done it a couple of times, it gets pretty easy! Clean 21: The Power of Handwriting Twitter Guidelines Wed, 12:00:33 0000 /?p1444 On Episode 11 we talk about the Power of Handwriting (just in time for #PenATweet Day) and we discuss the rules of the road for keeping it real on Twitter Giveaway In the. There are plenty of teachers who want your job). Plickers arent meant for deep comprehension assessment, but rather for quick progress assessment. The idea of grading like a sniper is to be precise and purposeful with your grading. Would mini tips and tricks like this be useful for you? This allows you to get your students onto the production side of things to dig deep into their learning and get a strong feel for what theyre learning. Stepping into Twitter In the toolbox we explore Twitter and why it takes time for people who are ideally suited for the platform to actually get started using. 1 For those who have been paying careful attention, Ive been promising (threatening?) to start my podcast for far too long without taking action. There is a ton of responsibility dropped into your lap and when you consider that you may be guiding the future course of these students lives, it can be overwhelming. With the cubes up on screen at the front of the class, you can have everybody participate in creating a story together, or use them as a prompt for students to create their own ideas individually. Check out this post from The Gooru for more information Non-Tech Rec If you havent had a chance to check them out yet, Future Islands have a great synth-pop sound with a performance art twist. Here are a few of the services ifttt offers which weve covered here: So lets get started with ifttt and see what kind of magic we can create! If you like the idea of BirdBrain Science, you can see the value of the same application in other fields. EduCanon EduCanon is a slightly fuller option than EdPuzzle and offers a number of premium features.

Http edtech.tv 029-optional-homework-better-results-w-scott-bedley-scotteach

Set up a passcode Open up the app you desert want to use. P948 Every year Evernote holds a contest called Devcup encouraging Developers to build apps which extend the functionality of Evernote. Stacy Lindes iruntech, so you may have computer to create some workarounds. Tying the cubes in with Grammar Verb tenses can be a longterm struggle for ESL students.

In episode 29 of the, edTech TV, podcast I talk with.Scott Bedley scotteach ) about his research into the value of homework and the struggles involved with leaving the traditional homework model behind.Scott Bedley on Making, homework Optional Scott shares his experiences and thoughts on mandatory, optional, or no homework options.

Make sure to share your ideas so everybody can benefit from collective thinking. But I prefer to use Canva when Im designing. If youre in Orange County, and things have never been so much fun. And how our lack of boredom may reduce creativity and innovation. How it helps shape us, if you do any gamified processes. Make sure to look into joining the EdCamp OC this Saturday. P1032 Educational Technology is http moving to the point where students are expected to be edtechtv able to create more than just a paper. If you prefer not to use the referral link.

Today Im happy to say that the fine folks at AirSquirrels have made some outstanding upgrades to the original Reflector app, not the least of which includes the ability to screencast directly from your iOS or Android device. This is a huge topic that deserves our attention as educators.