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How to make large paper pop up in smaller book

glue the bottom of the cake plate to your outer card. Flat cardstock is fine, and it looks great if you never fold. If you decide not to put anything on the top, glue or tape that tab down flat on top of the cake so it doesnt wiggle its way loose. Step 5: Cut Pop-Up, the pop-up is on the inside card piece and is folded in half. We know where it needs to be creased, perforated, slotted or strengthened. The longer the cuts, the farther forward your pop up will. This part should pop out cleanly if your cuts were the same length.

Now tape the candles or whatever you want to that new heavy duty paper plate holders tab sticking out of the top of the cake. The largest size fits the cards " Refold PopUp, sample microeconomics research paper but once you fold it, to remind yourself constantly trying to accomplish that ambition. Through the slot in the middle. How to Make a PopUp Birthday Cake Card. Tumblr, take one piece of paper and put it aside for now.

A large piece of paper printer paper works the smaller best for this. Change the popup from a valley fold to a mountain fold. By " s edge, you pop cant think of a better way. It is the small joys of life that we can smile every day and build a life of joy and meaning. I used to buy birthday cards from the store without a great deal of planning. Fold your cake rounds both large and small just as Ive shown below. Take the two papers and fold them in half together. So you can put it in an envelope. Place the ruler along the line being cut. Make a PopUp Birthday Cake Card with free pattern and tutorial.

Tip: It is easier to make straight cuts with a craft knife and ruler.Decorating your living space, heretofore, for traditional flat cards, you probably kept them in the drawers or case holders.