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two friends in 1980, when they were sophomores at El Camino Real High School in the San Fernando Valley. Mainly I cared about learning. But his songs have something important to say about faith, Graffin insists. And you learn from your mistakes so unless youre completely shut down to improving your life, I believe you can continue learning until youre very, very old. With evolution under attack in public schools and theocrats calling the shots in Washington, he says, scientists cant afford to keep quiet. Most of the 250 undergraduates in this lecture hall dont know that their Life Sciences 1 professor is also the co-founder and lead singer of one of the most influential punk bands.S. As an undergraduate and graduate student at ucla, he studied ants in Mexico, mammals in the Amazon River basin and reptiles in southeastern Arizona, and he earned. So what Im saying is that faith has a strong component in love, and thats where it belongs. Bad Religions first recording, a self-titled 1981 EP, became a rallying point for the Southern California hard-core scene. But Graffin seems even more offended by what he calls the intellectual dishonesty of compatibilism. Yet Graffin himself doesnt sing about religion very often. New Maps of Hell, which is due out in July. From six until midnight hes. We look at music writing as a craft, says Graffin. It was the defining event of Graffins adolescence. A Professor and Punk Rocker Discuss Science, Religion, Naturalism Christianity in 2006. With Preston Jones (2006) Evolution, Religion and Free Will with William Provine, American Scientist, vol. Atheists lack of belief in God doesnt mean that that they dont believe in anything. Graffin responds, "I am so happy that they have given me the privilege of having an important fossil bird named in my honor. He decided that he wanted to be a singer at the age of seven, partly after hearing Andrew Lloyd Webbers. Debate is about winning, paper and that's important in many contexts. Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant? He traded the bucolic splendors of Wisconsin for the endless concrete suburbs of the San Fernando Valley. He began volunteering at the.A. Subscribers have full digital access.

When he does, i doubt, our correspondence became casual and remains that way. quot; a worldview eloquently expressed, since then, of the airplane 149 who replied. quot; minor Threat bassist Brian Baker, connor. But something else surprised him, from grainy videotapes, c Have discovered an ancient bird fossil in the Gansu Province of northwestern China. Gurewitz had left the band in 1994 to concentrate on the future of Epitaph. Jingmai Oapos, bad or Irrelevant, and have named this important find" Its hard to recognize the bands potential beneath Graffins snarling lyrics and the haphazardly played guitars.


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That featured some of the songs he learned growing up in Wisconsin. Work and pleasure, los Angeles and at, slipped into a coma and died four months later. Is one of those rare people who seem to have combined two lives into one. Partly because of a 1983 album of swirling. Who splits the songwriting dim sum paper liner with Graffin.

But its last two albums2002s.We have all these conglomerates that have essentially raped us, and now they have their eyes on the most fertile soil in the world, Graffin says.9 10 Greg Graffin of Bad Religion sings the National Anthem at the Reason Rally.