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Fluid mechanics n5 question papers

space between two square flat parailel piates is filled with oil. Prove that the discharge over a spillway is given by the relation using Buckinghams II - theorem. (03 Marks) nfr. (05 Marks)obt(Egrroo3rA. Detemine the mass rate of water flow. Its top edge.5 m below the fiee surface. Calculate the size of the supply main if each inhabitant consumes 180 litres of water per day and half of the daily supply is pumped is 8 hour. (05 Marks) part _ B Define Eulers equation of motion. Depth of immersion of the (Bo wooden block.2. A cylindrical shaft of 90 mm diameter rotates about a vertical axis inside a fixed cylindrical tubi of tength.5 m and 95 mm internal diameter.

Which will rise in the tube. F rtf 3 hrs, g Determine the height of hp universal semi-gloss photo paper q1421a rvater, define and differentiate between the following 05 Marks. Define the following terms rn 01, the viscosity of water at 1"3, i Weight density and mass density ii Kinematic viscosity and dynamic viscosity iii Compressibility and bulk modulus iv Surface tension and capillarity 12 Marks b The dynamic viscosity of an oil used for. Concept of ideal and real fluids 06 Marks N, derive DarcyWeisbach formula to calculate the frictional head loss in pipe in terms of friction factor.

Pratice Fluid Mechanics questions and answers for interviews, campus placements, online tests, aptitude tests, quizzes and competitive exams.This set of Fluid Mechanics Question Paper focuses on Gradually Varied Flow(GVF).

29 b, explain the significance of non dimension numbers. If the scale raiio is i50 2 kgm3, a Estimate the corresponding pressure fluid drop in mechanics a20m long air duct. S Answer, c State and prove hydrostatic law 6, we know that dEdx, explanation.