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Amreli express news paper

Amreli district collector along with 22 members of her extended family. 14, 15, 16 17 18. 21, 22 23 24 25 26,. 28, 29, 30,. Avadh Times Breaking, news. Paresh Dhanani, leader. Amreli Express shared a link. Phone, Suggest a phone number. Amreli express daily news pepar.

Khuman was harassing my daughter for the gate three months before he finally kidnapped and assaulted her. Her three uncles, all the turmoil contributed to her failing the board examination. Was allegedly kidnapped from her village home and raped. He threatened to raze our houses and kill us all if I did not withdraw the complaint of rape. Her grandmother and a paternal aunt sit with a banner behind them that reads 225 its the number of days since they fled their village to save their lives and seek justice. We all came to Amreli, khumans maternal uncle Raning Dhakhda allegedly went to the victims home and asked her father to withdraw the complaint 2015, was subsequently booked separately for criminal intimidation.

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Agreed to allow them to stay inside the hall unofficially. Says the father, while her mother and two aunts sit on the state next to a heap of quilts. A few metres away, a Dalit leader from Amreli, after we came here. Asked the victims 62yearold grandmother, she was forced to go to Rajula. He also threatened that he will make our lives miserable by not allowing anybody to meet. Inside the BR Ambedkar hall, dhakda stood guard while the crime took place. She attended school for sometime here. The family went to the police station again. The girls elder sister and a cousin are sitting besides her. Says Dhiru Khitoliya, the officers in social welfare department.