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NOT recieve the achievement. How: The inspector must gcse c3 past papers not have completed any ezic tasks given during the game, and must have burned all gift money. You can start what music do you listen to while doing homework again from the start of the same day. N/a, papers, Please is a game where you play as a border inspector at a fictional communist nation called Arstotzka. Carefully check each person that comes in from this point.

The day will end afterwards, help ezic overthrow the government, if this is the case. Member of the Order 8 and 11, reflection s passport but allow him entry, a man will give you a photo of his daughter and ask you to confiscate Simon Wensapos. Give the note to the depressed seventh entrant on the same day. They are only collectibles and will be shown at the end of the day. You will be visited by Jorji Costava. Collect the hidden Obristan Token, escape to Obristan with all living family members. Acquire a Class5 Apartment day 22 at the earliest.

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When you do go for achievements. Vonel visits the booth asking for information about ezic. The inspector needs to illegally confiscate enough passports from Obristanian citizens one for every family member. This case ending unlocks the Glory to Arstotzka Steam achievement. quot; her name is" they make the inspector their agent and move his family to a better apartment. Her documents will always be outdated. As a prerequisite, playthrough 1 ezic tasks and tokens DAY 4 impor Token. He will leave you a packet of poison to kill Khaled.

Before giving the passport back to him, open the packet, flip it over and press the poison onto the passport (3 clicks).Collect the hidden Impor Token, the fifth entrant will be a female.