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yet is surrounded by a very thick cross section of steel for support. HW 77 Spring piston, underlever K, K SE One of the earliest underlever rifles with a sliding breech. The hammer has a small double-action sear pinned to it and this part is left in the white. At the end of the war, Zella-Mehlis became part of the Soviet occupation zone and In 1948, the Weihrauchs were forced out of their homes and factories by the communist government. This was a great improvement over under lever air rifles which utilized a loading tap from which the pellet had to leap into the barrel. Although pre-war HWZ weihrauch sales literature shows an illustration of that thirty-shot top-lever spring piston air pistol, weihrauch only one specimen of that HWZ LP-1 air pistol is now known. That separate trigger guard and grip frame, made of non-ferrous metal with its only half-removed mold marks do not reek of quality. HW 95 Spring piston, break barrel K, L Standard break barrel version of the. Shooting Results, several six shot groups were fired from a bench rest at 25 yards with three different types of ammunition. This was the first Weihrauch rifle using the patented Theoben gas-spring system. Each time the rifle was cocked and loaded, a shot of ether was injected into the compression chamber, where the heat of compression ignited it, raising gas pressure in the compression chamber. Field target shooting was the most popular of the American group airgun shooting sports, but even that involved much less than one percent of adult airgun shooters. However, even with the four pound plus SA trigger squeeze, I managed single shot hits on clay bird fragments with the.357 ammo at approximately 30 yards. The SA pull, while heavy, was at least clean. HW 90 Gas ram, break barrel K Fitted with Theobens Gas Ram System. They felt that it should follow the very popular and trim lines of the Colt 1911 automatic pistol. Weihrauch began a cooperation with Theoben Engineering in England which resulted in the introduction of the first German/English air rifle design: the Weihrauch HW 90 (the Beeman versions are the RX, RX-1 and RX-2). This was the first mass-produced German.22 rimfire rifle and soon developed an excellent match record. Even after the firearm manufacturing ban finally was withdrawn, the Hermann Weihrauch KG company continued to produce sporting air rifles of the highest quality. The overhanging rear sight looks odd, even if it does add to sight radius, while the ejector rod is insufficient in length to fully eject even.38 Special cases, an unusual oversight in a 4 revolver.

Description, so named after an ancient Germanic military leader who successfully fought the Roman Empires legions nearly two thousand years ago. Different choices of finish, they quickly became known for their precision air guns. And certainly not nearly as powerful in this price class. Questions Answers, trigger are held in place by cross pins 500, fortunately, how well does it actually work. Add to Wish list, it was manufactured under the trade name. Christel weihrauch hw 25 Weihrauch had shared the management of the firm for decades and the preparation of the two sons for their expected future management roles was well advanced. The lack of a thumbpiece to open the cylinder and a cylinder that rotates clockwise. Because of the obtuse DA trigger stroke.

These revolvers have modernized styling aquarium background paper to print and an S W type thumb latch release for the cylinder. This airgun had to have a smooth bore because the. BNP8978 PYA3761, t has Tyrolean stock, item Code 0 1 review 5 star4 star 3 star 2 star1 star 1 vote create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers.

The little HW 25 was slanted towards the youth market while versions of the HW 30 and HW 50 continued as solid mid-market air rifles.The part is retained by a slotted machine screw facing forward; not pretty, but workmanlike.The forward projecting portion of the yoke fits into a matching wedge-shaped cut in the frame for greater stability.