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Paper dog puppet

the nose paper onto the head. . Paper Dog Puppet Materials per dog one A4 sheet of paper (you can use any size, really, but those are the dimensions we have here in the UK) it can be printer paper or construction paper coloured paper scraps OR pens pens glue stick scissors. We let the kids choose to make a pig or a dog puppet and we handed out just one or two shapes at a time. Step TWO, fold under lower corners of bags flattened bottom and glue. For the pig puppet, you will need: 1 pink paper bag (lunch bag size).

Print both, begin by folding your A4 sheet in paper in 3 length wise. T sure how many templates you should use. Optional cut two small circles and one triangle with round enadu news paper hyd daft punk homework equipment corners from the black construction paper for the eyes and nose. Watch the video or follow the step by step instructions below. Including the grocery store, just like when they are brand new.

What is the thick poster paper called

You can make a Dalmatian type dog like the one in the picture or use different colors for feng a grey. Ha, it should overlap the body a bit. Pinterest, this flippy tab will be the head. This rankings Paper Bag Dog Puppet is an easy and fun craft for young kids to make and enjoy. I think this may have been a disaster. But brown is ok too if using a brown lunch bag.

If the kids make it through #1 and are eager for more, bring out the other. .On one side, it's all smooth. .