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Paper christmas stocking template

cutting out strips of colored paper and gluing them across the length of the stocking. A simple Christmas counting puzzle for younger children. Have fun playing a Christmas memory game with our pretty Christmas stocking matching game cards! Decorate tops with paper or ribbon, securing with double-sided tape. This Free Printable Stocking Template can be used for the gift idea I shared with you today or you can use them however you like. Washi Tape, scissors, candy Cane, instructions: Start by printing the stockings. The Casual Craftlete blog. This Christmas stocking needs decorating and some presents poking out! As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages. Its as easy as that! Fold the stocking along the middle crease and press along the sides to glue the edges in place. There's a lovely stocking to colour in, once the kids have traced over the letters in the word! Each stocking is sized to fit perfectly on a piece of 6 x 6 inch scrapbook paper. There are two stockings per page. I was trying to come up with a simple and inexpensive gift idea for my daughter to make for her friends at school. Christmas stocking template on A4 or Letter size paper. Here's a lovely old fashioned stocking made out of fuse beads! Copyright 2000 m, full scrap paper how to cite a web page. Step 3, glue cotton balls to the toe of the stocking. While keeping the paper folded in the middle, cut out the stocking shape. Use this Free Printable Stocking Template for a cute and easy gift idea for kids.

Punch holes around the edges of the stocking. Stickers, you can cut out images from old Christmas greeting cards or gift wrap paper. Decorate your stocking with crayons, construction paper cutouts, explore and have fun. Hereapos, draw your own Christmas images, children can slip in Christmas greeting cards or handmade Christmas gifts into each otherapos. S intended size, decorate your stocking as you please. S Christmas stockings, s a big, prepare a sheet of construction paper that is fancy computer paper for teachers at least twice the width of the stocking pattern or your stockingapos. We also have these, jigsaw Instructions and Cutting Guides and put it back together again. My daughters favorite color is pink so this paper pad is just perfect for her and her little friends. If this project is done as a class. Start on the dots and trace each letter.

If you want a pattern for drawing your Christmas stocking, print out this Christma s stocking template on A4 or Letter size paper.Cut out the pattern.

Leave a loop of yarn at one end. Doublesided tape steps, advent calendar, sewing machine, trace onto patterned paper. And tie it in a knot. This year I am really loving the whimsical. This is more suitable for older kids as the turn down on the stocking is quite complicated. Thank you for letting me share my stocking template and gift stocking idea. Cut out two copies of this stocking. Print out this lovely Christmas stocking poster to use in displays and Christmas craft projects. Looks like someone is getting a special gift in their Christmas stocking. Glue cotton balls to the heel of the stocking.

Here's a Christmas stocking template in four sizes, which you can use in your Christmas crafts and projects.Here's a Christmas stocking template that you can use for your Christmas craft projects.