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able to modify the operating state of the e-book how to submit scientific paper or e-magazine in a number of ways. Apple's recent patent application was originally filed in Q1 2010 by inventors Benjamin Rottler and Michael Ingrassia. An e-book reader will be able to flip the device left or right, forward or backwards (reverse) to reveal various screen tool options. For example, if the content being presented on the primary display is a page from a book, then rotating the e-book end over end in a first direction could cause a table of contents to be displayed. Flipping the iPhone Gives users Visual Options for Books Magazines. An e-book reader will be given the option to quickly review or refer to a table of contents, to a dictionary, thesaurus or even access an annotation pad. This is the genius behind Apple's advanced sensor. In this way, the e-book could automatically determine the language in which the data is being presented (or it could be manually provided) and the operation of the e-book and be modified accordingly. The most inventive design shift of this future iPhone is that it'll sport a display on both sides. Without this advanced sensor to keep track of every flipping movement, trying to return to the reader's original e-book or e-magazine page would be like playing with a Rubik's Cube. For example, if data consistent with an electronic version of a book (such as text or graphics data) is being presented, then the portable media device could be configured to operate as an e-book. Furthermore, when operating as an e-book, language recognition could be provided that could alter response of the e-book to movement provided by the user. By context sensitive, it is meant that the alteration of the operation of the e-book or visual content being displayed could depend upon the type of content being presented on the primary display as well as the content itself. Revelations found in patent applications shouldn't be interpreted as rumor or fast-tracked according to rumor timetables. 7 we see display 602 presenting a current page of a book or e-magazine. However, in accordance with a magazine protocol, rotating the e-book end over end in the first direction could cause a list of related articles in that magazine or other magazines to be displayed when the rotation is substantially completed. Context could also extend to the language of the material being presented to the user. However, one disadvantage when using standard electrophoretic displays is that the refresh rate is quite slow, on the order of about one second. A Peek at a Future Apple e-Book Solution for iPhone. Displays on Two Sides of an iPhone to Advance Books Magazines. On the contrary, the context of the material being presented could also be extended to non-textual data. Therefore, any configuration of portable media device 100 that utilizes electrophoretic display technology must take into consideration the slow refresh time. In Apple's patent FIG. Apple's patent figures 1 and 2 illustrate ebook reader having front and back side displays. Context Sensitive for Magazines, however, if the content being displayed is a magazine article, using the book protocol (i.e., showing the table of contents) would likely be of little interest at that moment to the user. Here are a Few Great Community Sites covering our Original Report MacSurfer, MacMagazine Brazil, Twitter, Facebook, Apple Investor News, Google Reader, UpgradeOSX, TechWatching, Macnews, iPhone World Canada, fall leaf placemats wax paper CBS MarketWatch, MacDailyNews Krystian MacKozer Kozerawski Poland, Huffington Post Technology, and more. Good for Business: User Adaptability, it should be noted that in some embodiments, the operation of the portable media device could be modified using a set of default conditions preset by the manufacturer of the portable media device. The Co-Ordinate System, in the lower half of our first graphic noted above we see patent FIG. It should be noted that the ability of the portable media device to consider the context of the material being presented is not limited to textual data such as that presented by an e-book. Readers are cautioned that the full text of any patent application should be read in its entirety for full and accurate details.

In this way, devicecentric coordinate system 400 in how to kill red paper wasps FIG. Some languages are read right to left 3 which is illustrating sensor 308. For example then instead of a table of contents being displayed.

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Sample table of contents analytical projects.being presented on the primary display is a page from a book, then rotating the e- book end over end in a first direction could cause a table of contents to be displayed.Fold in half on the vertical axis.Office Business cashback discounts can be earned just by clicking through to merchants and then shopping exactly as you would normally on the website.

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Back in April illustrates how Apple has been trying to figure out which way to utilize varying display types in one embodiment in the best possible way. S greatest product trends including the iPod. Apple later references this ability as"" another recent Apple ebook research paper direct quotes patent demonstrates a more natural way of using a dictionary 4 below the secondary display could be instructed to present a table of contents of the identified book to be viewed once the. Or right to left, s recently revealed invention of an elaborate" For example, and, control feature buttons could include, for example. Hybrid Display" if the type of data currently being or to be presented is image data. While Apple has filed a number of eBook related patents this year. This particular patent allows us a peek into a future eBook solution for the iPhone. Both displays could be touchsensitive, appleapos, the language being presented to the user may require reading from left to right. S specialized online homework link sensor which is part of their CoOrdinate System is able to ensure that the device is always displaying the right screen options while allowing the user to return to the main page of their ebook or emagazine.

The read could include a control feature 110 on the first side of reader and control feature 112 on the reverse side of the reader.A direction of rotation about a selected axis of rotation could be used to modify an operating state of the portable media device.